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Having a vision for what you want in life has a lot to do with how life actually works out.  In my 20+ years of working with individuals and organizations, this is one of the common denominators that my most successful clients share and it’s the reason we incorporate it into our SevenWealth weekend workshops. There is tremendous power in knowing what you want and designing your life in a way to achieve it.

We’ve all seen the maps in the malls, zoos, and theme parks with the label “you are here”.

This accomplish three things-

1) Helps you see where you are

2) Helps you see the big picture (all the options) so you can determine where you want to go

3) Helps you map out the best way to get where you want to go

In some respects, creating a vision for your life is really that simple, but the reality is more complex.

Recently, my seven-year old son came across one of my old yearbooks. He asked me to point out some of my friends whose names he remembered from my funnier childhood stories.  Then he asked, “Why do you have the words “Rocky” written on your photo”?  After a quick chuckle, I went on to explain about the movie “Rocky” and how I had convinced myself for a brief period of time that I would become just like him.  But my vision-“what I wanted” was short lived.  Oh, I was great at the fitness part of the program, but as a boxer, I was getting beaten to a pulp. After day three, my mom took one look at me after getting in the car and said (in a very disturbed voice), “if you want to continue this non-sense then you can get your dad to bring you back”….to which I was speechless, exhausted, and relieved.  I was done; my vision of becoming Rocky Balboa was over.

I know it’s a childhood example, but I learned a valuable lesson in that experience.  A compelling vision is more than a feeling of what would be nice or cool.  It requires commitment, dedication and an ability to persevere when the going gets tough. Everything has a price.  Successful clients all have stories of adversity, disappointment, uncertainty, failure, and bad luck. It’s just part of the journey.

For this reason, your vision should start with the big rocks in your life.  Think about what gives your life purpose, meaning, and fulfillment.  What do you cherish? What do you value? And what brings you joy and happiness?

Planning your vision also requires you to give an honest assessment and evaluation of your past.  Take a look at the last seven years of your life and give yourself a grade on the things you’ve identified as being important.  Ask yourself what’s working well and what’s not.  Take time to identify where you need and want to make changes.

I recognize that answering the questions and assessing your past will require some time.  In some ways, that’s kind of the whole point.  A compelling vision requires more than surface answers.  Your vision is about deciding what you want things to look like in the future.  The more clarity you have, the stronger the vision.

Your vision should inspire, excite and motivate you to live your life to the fullest.  It will help you properly align your goals.  It pulls you through life and serves as your guidance system.  It allows you to always check-in with yourself and answer the question- is what I’m doing right now contributing to the vision I have for my life.  This is the power of vision. We want you to thrive, not just survive.

Hopefully your creative juices are flowing and you are inspired to think about how great your life can be.    Start with these building blocks and then actively participate in a SevenWealth – Plan, Invest, Live™ weekend workshop so that you can get crystal clear, establish specific goals, and implement strategies to increase your likelihood of success.  When you have a vision, share it with the people you love; it makes life worth living and the planning that follows- much more fun!

Plan, Invest, Live™



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