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In my first blog about Life Philosophy, I shared a defining moment that happened to me early in my life. My purpose in doing so was to give you some insight into my world, but more importantly to get you to think about the defining moments that you’ve experienced in your own life. These moments are significant because they typically do one of two things and sometimes both.

1) They shape our identity in how we see ourselves, both good and bad.

2) They serve as a catalyst to change.

Creating a healthy identity is the foundation for a great life philosophy. When your identity is healthy you feel good about yourself and you’re secure in what you stand for. Getting to that place can be challenging for most of us, just like Brooke, in the previous blog. We’re all really good at internalizing criticism from others, which we can view as negative, but then our insecurities grow, our self-talk turns into self-doubt, and then our outlook on life can turn negative. The end result is negative thoughts that turn into self-fulfilling prophecies.

Social media has played a huge role in accelerating today’s identity crisis. There’s a great song about the things in our past they may be impacting how we see ourselves. “God Only Knows” by for King and Country. ( I also like what Ephesians 2:10 NLT has to say. We are described as God’s Masterpiece. When we internalize this truth, it has the power to change how we see ourselves and how we see others.

The bottom line is that a healthy identity equals a healthy mindset. All throughout Brooke’s story, we see her re-evaluating her life choices, making a conscious decision to move forward with a healthier identity and creating more positive self-talk. Her new healthy mindset is creating an optimal vision for her life, which in turn serves as a guidance system, keeping her focused and working toward the future.

Between now and the next post, give some thought to your identity. Is the internal message that’s playing in your head positive or holding on to some negative baggage? The song is a reminder that you can let go of the struggles, as you are already a masterpiece.

Plan, Invest, Live™



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