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Do you ever pay attention to that little voice in your head, you know, the one calling for your attention when you see someone in need? It’s easy to make excuses, say you don’t know how to help, or justify that you don’t have time, but taking a leap of faith can not only help the person in need, but it can inspire and encourage you to be more intentional about impacting others.

Some of my most impactful experiences have been when I’ve received unexpectedly or when I’ve given to someone who has a need. Like the time I was saving up to get a bike. I needed to get my paper route done faster so I was offering to cut my neighbors grass at a reduced rate to try and get more business. My neighbors, Phil and Dorothy, were one of the first ones to sign up to have me cut their grass. At the end of the season when I walked up to ring the doorbell of Phil and Dorothy’s house, I was feeling a little down because I hadn’t made enough money to get the bike. When Phil answered, he gave me my normal pay and told me to hang on a minute. I heard him yell to Dorothy to bring his wallet, and then he pulled out fifteen dollars. Dorothy then pulled out her wallet, and gave me an extra three dollars. They told me it was a tip for a job well done. I couldn’t believe it, It was exactly what I needed to get the bike. They didn’t know how much I needed, but they wanted to help, and it met my need.

When I was in my mid-twenties, I had stopped at the local video store and I saw a man who looked really down and out. As soon as he saw me get out of my car, he walked over and asked if I had any money for food. At first I hesitated, and started wondering why he couldn’t get a job or ask family or friends for help, but then I saw the restaurant a few doors down from the video store and I came up with an idea. I told him to follow me and I took him into the taco joint. I left twenty-five dollars with the waitress and told her he could order whatever he wanted and she could keep the rest as a tip. He thanked me, gave me a hug, and told me that no one would look him in the eye and he had felt noticed by me. I never saw that man again, but I do know what I gave was not only food for his body, but nourishment for his soul.

In the next two stories you’ll read about Dave and Jan and how they were not only encouraged by their children to start giving back, but they took that a step further and provided a space for their friends and neighbors to brain storm ideas about impacting their local community.

At SevenWealth, we want to share success stories about those in our community who are giving back, impacting others, and ways you can join in. Investing our time, money, and energy into the difference makers is what we encourage our clients to do. Who are the people, causes, and organizations you want to impact? Do you have a story to share about an impactful experience of your own? SevenWealth would love to hear that story.

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