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Fun and adventure can take on all forms, from fishing and getting through scary haunted houses when you’re a child, to traveling around the world, skydiving, or racing sports cars as an adult, everyone will have their own idea of what fun and adventure entails. How many of you have created a bucket list? Or are you the adventurous type that does something last minute, which is out of the ordinary?

Is fear stopping you from creating more fun and adventure in your life? Fear of trying something new, and/or fear of spending the money to do those things? At SevenWealth, we know how important it is to enjoy life and incorporate adventure into everyday life. Adventures are essential as they enrich our lives and help us keep our attention away from life's difficulties. A fresh perspective can open the door to a calmer and more mindful approach to life.

What’s your definition of fun and adventure? Everyone has a different idea, but once you decide what your definition is, you can enjoy the excitement of it in everyday life, because it’s paramount in keeping your daily routine from being mundane. As you read in the last blog, Luke and Holly found excitement and adventure in skydiving and after Holly got over her fear, they shared this adventure together. This allowed their weekly routine to be mixed with anticipation and excitement.

What one person finds exciting will be different from what another person finds exciting. Maybe starting a vegetable garden and tending to it everyday is your form of excitement, while your neighbor across the street is training to hike another fourteener. Just make sure you pick something that is exciting to you. Breaking from your normal routine with something new can be adventurous and bring joy to everyday life.

Here at SevenWealth we’d like to hear what your ideas are for fun and adventure, as we’d like to help plan some of these adventures for our clients. Go on…sit down…take out a pen…or pull up your dictation on your phone…and get those adventurous ideas on your bucket list.

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