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When you read about Tony in the last blog of Personal Development, I’m sure you realized that social media is really a new problem if not used with moderation. Social media has given us all a connection to others, products, and services that we would never have experienced even ten years ago, but there can be a dark side too. When you’ve found yourself struggling with an issue that went out of control, how do you respond? What steps do you take to correct it? Are problems like this more of a spiritual, physical, or intellectual issue? Identifying the root can help you come up with a game plan to move beyond it, learn from your mistakes, and then grow in the process.

Seven Wealth believes that all of our life decisions fall into one of the mind, heart, body, or spirit parts of our psyche. Instead of facing an issue like Tony, maybe you’re trying to tackle how fast technology changes, which means you have to continue to learn and push yourself. Staying sharp as you age and allowing yourself to continue to learn, allows for more growth. Getting creative about handling problems is something we can all do. Creative intelligence is necessary when we make decisions in regards to life choices, problem solving, and financial investments.

Personal development planning is the process of establishing objectives and goals. What you want to achieve or where you want to go in your career, family planning, and retirement, whether medium or long-term, requires assessing your current realities. Identifying needs for skills, knowledge and competence is the beginning of the process. When someone walks along side you, it’s not only encouraging, but can help take the stress out of major decisions.

Take a look at the following list and write down some ideas next to the word if there are areas where you can grow. Learning from past or current situations, and then clearing out your vision to move forward with a positive mindset will bring stellar results.










Avocational (Hobbies, Travel, and Interests)

Plan, Invest, Live™


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