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The majority of people cannot tell you or write down what their current financial position is. It’s a difficult subject for those who aren’t in a place of financial security or for those who are in a secure place, but find it overwhelming to dig into the details. Here at SevenWealth, we strive to look at all areas of your finances, and work with you in providing a clear and concise plan that you can understand. Our legacy depends on the challenging questions we ask ourselves and the actions we take to answer them. SevenWealth can help you do that.

In the last blog, Warren and Sheri were struggling to keep track of their budget and weren’t reviewing their income and expenses. Obstacles and unexpected events happened in their life, including the medical bills for their baby, and it created stress on their finances. It can be hard to get back on track without a plan.

Successful people have good intentions and generally like the idea of achieving great things. Unfortunately, and all too often, life happens and urgent demands can turn into daily routines. Time slips by and while some areas in our life excel, other areas turn into unfulfilled goals and statements that start with "if only," "I should have," "I wish," and on and on . . .

Here at SevenWealth, we can discuss with you in more detail the following steps to financial independence:

1. Markets Work and Emotions Are Real

Instead of trying to beat the market, we believe that you should let the market work for you.

2. Risk and Return Are Related

Markets can be chaotic, but over time they have shown a strong relationship between risk and reward. This means that the compensation for taking on increased levels of risk is the potential to earn greater returns. 

3. Diversify with Structure

When it comes to investing, risk cannot be eliminated, but it can potentially be reduced or mitigated through a prudent, structured approach.

4. Customize Your Portfolio

Traditionally, many portfolios have been built using average historical returns and volatility of returns. We take portfolio modeling to the next level by analyzing what really matters to you. 5. Invest for the Long Term

A long-term perspective is one of the most important ingredients for portfolio success.

Whether you need basic planning or advanced planning, the SevenWealth strategy will help you with Protection Planning, Investment Planning, Tax Planning, Retirement Planning, Employee Benefits Planning and Estate Planning. When an overall plan encompasses all areas of your finances, it will be successful and provide the financial independence you seek.

Plan, Invest, Live™



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